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SU et al PRNI 2012

MEG RSA method paper

PDF document icon Su et al PRNI2012.pdf — PDF document, 392 KB (401683 bytes)

Zeno time lock

uppaal model checking

PDF document icon Bowman_ENTCS2005_Zeno.pdf — PDF document, 385 KB (394361 bytes)

real time fMRI poster

Emma's HBM presentation

PDF document icon Lawrence_E_J_2009_rtfmri_neurofeedback_MLI.pdf — PDF document, 215 KB (220925 bytes)

three level modelling

Attentional blink CogSci conference

PDF document icon Su_CogSci2007_AB.pdf — PDF document, 155 KB (159713 bytes)

Fringe of Awareness

Fringe of Awareness

PDF document icon Su CVA10.pdf — PDF document, 152 KB (155805 bytes)

ICS modelling of EEG

HCI EEG user modelling

PDF document icon Su FACS 2009.pdf — PDF document, 766 KB (785146 bytes)

Stimulus rich interfaces


PDF document icon Su_ENTCS2008_SRRIs.pdf — PDF document, 1.18 MB (1242323 bytes)

Salient book


PDF document icon Bowman et al - fv.pdf — PDF document, 810 KB (829877 bytes)



PDF document icon suli-ijcai05-fv.pdf — PDF document, 69 KB (71170 bytes)



PDF document icon HBM Su et al.pdf — PDF document, 5.38 MB (5642103 bytes)

howard 60

PDF document icon Bowman and Su.pdf — PDF document, 944 KB (966800 bytes)


Significant clusters showing brain areas that carry information about cohort competition over space and time.
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