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Neurolex Group

Department of Psychology

Neurolex Group

The William Hardy Building in the Cambridge University Downing Site

Department of Psychology

Downing Street




To contact individual members of the group, please see our People page.



The Neurolex Group is located on the top floor of the William Hardy Building (pictured top right) on the Downing Site in Cambridge.Downing Site

Directions to the lab:

From the city centre, turn right onto Downing Street from St Andrew's Street. The entrance to the Downing Site is on your left, across the street from the Crowne Plaza Hotel. It is a large iron gate with bike racks just inside. You will find yourself in a courtyard, with the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research on your left.

Exit the courtyard through the far left hand corner, and turn to the right. You will be looking down a road with buildings to either side and a black fence visible at the far end. The fence marks the end of the Downing Site.

Walk to the last building on the left, the William Hardy Building (building #7 on the map). Do not follow the signs to the Psychology Department. Go into the main entrance of the William Hardy Building and up the stairs to the third floor. Please see our People page for office numbers.