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Neurolex Group

Department of Psychology


Key publications: 

    Marslen-Wilson WD (2007), “Morphological processes in language comprehension. In G, Gaskell (Ed.) Oxford Handbook of Psycholinguistics, pp 175-193” Oxford: OUP.

    Marslen-Wilson WD, Tyler LK (2007), “Morphology, language and the brain: the decompositional substrate for language comprehension” Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 362:823-836 Details

    Boudelaa S, Marslen-Wilson WD (2005), “Discontinuous morphology in time. Incremental masked priming in Arabic” Language and Cognitive Processes, 20:207-260

Honorary Professor of Language and Cognition
Professor William D. Marslen-Wilson

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44+ (0) 1223-766975
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